About Us

KUNCHAM Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization established in the year of 2019 and registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 in Telangana, INDIA.

KUNCHAM Foundation is working for underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups. Our mission is to change the lives of such children - by providing them with long-term care. This includes basic needs, education and healthcare, and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens.

KUNCHAM Foundation is working to provide timely and meaningful support to underprivileged people, Farmers, Women and Neglected Senior Citizens by effectively implementing projects in the area of Health, Education and livelihood programs in India. Now the organization is functioning in India covering two states, i.e. Andhra Pradesh & Telangana with several programs.

We at KUNCHAM Foundation has decided to help 10,000 families who come from marginalized communities, daily wage workers, municipal sanitary workers, and orphans can hardly afford a square meal per day when they go to work. Your donation to this fund will help stop the virus's spread and give communities on the front lines of the crisis the resources they need to act quickly and protect the most vulnerable.

As the situation evolves, the fund will transition to support longer-term recovery and education efforts run by local, vetted organizations in affected regions. We will work with our partners on the ground to allocate funds where they're most needed.

We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are best positioned to lead long-term plans to stop poverty. Your donation to this fund will help build stronger response capacities in communities around the world so that we are all better equipped to face future outbreaks.

KUNCHAM Foundation 

KUNCHAM Foundation is working for underprivileged children - orphaned, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups.

Food Distribution

KUNCHAM Foundation is feeling hunger for filling our people who are starving, Most of us have our plates full and most of us only have our plates half full! Let's unite, let's fill the plates of those people who have survived in halves! A plate full of food full of the best gives strength; both bodily and mental, it keeps you active and disease-free.

kuncham foundation
kuncham foundation

Cloth Distribution

KUNCHAM Foundation wishing to took a step forward to help society in another way that is distributing clothes which are required for poor children, old age people and we are also distributing seasonal clothes like Blankets, Sweaters etc.

Child Education

KUNCHAM Foundation believes the only way to change society is to make them educate, it is only possible with the upcoming literacy, so please encourage the education of children so that the children will change society. With your support, the kids can do wonders!

kuncham foundation
kuncham foundation

Oldage People Care

KUNCHAM Foundation has analyzed many young people in India who are wandering around different cities, either within India or abroad, to continue their studies or for their careers, leaving their old parents at home. We have several families in which all the children have left their old parents at home. It is increasing day by day.

People Health Care

KUNCHAM Foundation's main theme is to conduct numerous health care camps and projects and works towards the goal of improving the physical health of those who otherwise cannot afford health care.

kuncham foundation
kuncham foundation

Women Empowerment

KUNCHAM Foundation believes business has many opportunities to influence the status of women—through employment practices, sourcing, product and service development, partnerships, supplier relationships, and marketing campaigns.

Farmers Empowerment

KUNCHAM Foundation strongly believes the farmers are the backbone for INDIA. This is the voice of one of the millions of farmers in India. The empowerment of Indian farmers will not be complete without empowering those who live in the last periphery of India.

kuncham foundation
kuncham foundation

Natural Disaster Relief Funds

KUNCHAM Foundation would like to help the people who are suffering from disasters caused by nature like floods, tsunami, earthquakes and so many Viral Diseases.

Epidemic Disaster Care

Epidemics of infectious diseases are occurring more often, and spreading faster and further than ever, in many different regions of the world. The background factors of this threat are biological, environmental and lifestyle changes, among others.

kuncham foundation