Cloth Distribution

Cloth Distribution

kuncham foundation

KUNCHAM Foundation wishing to took a step forward to help society in another way that is distributing clothes which are required for poor children, old age people and we are also distributing seasonal clothes like Blankets, Sweaters etc.

We organize cloth distribution camps in slums, orphanages and old age houses. We as an organization strongly feel about destitute and for us, nobody should suffer a lack of clothes.

We also arrange for the distribution of clothes and blankets to children in the villages where we hold our food relief programs. As you can see from the photos on our website, many of the children attending our food relief programs hardly have any clothes to wear.

As we are born, the weather is sensitive for everyone, everybody feels heat, cold and rain. So just because they are poor we don’t want them should suffer- because for us all human life is sacred.

Most come wearing only an old pair of shorts. Smaller children usually don’t even have that, and often come to our programs naked. We try to arrange for clothes for all of these children, and in the winter we have a special distribution of winter blankets to help them keep warm at night.