Food Distribution

Food Distribution

kuncham foundation

KUNCHAM Foundation is feeling hunger for filling our people who are starving, Most of us have our plates full and most of us only have our plates half full! Let's unite, let's fill the plates of those people who have survived in halves! A plate full of food full of the best gives strength; both bodily and mental, it keeps you active and disease-free.

KUNCHAM Foundation serves free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from far-off places to the for often longer treatments.

The majority of the underprivileged patients admitted in Government hospitals are those who come from nearby states are often poor, in several cases, family members decide to stay hungry to save money.

Our main theme is to provide food for the needy people, we do not keep adding the number of people who are starving but we keep multiplying the number of hands who are coming forward to help the poor people.