Farmers Empowerment

Farmers Empowerment

kuncham foundation

KUNCHAM Foundation strongly believes the farmers are the backbone for INDIA. This is the voice of one of the millions of farmers in India. The empowerment of Indian farmers will not be complete without empowering those who live in the last periphery of India.

Those whose day begins before sunrise and continues after sunset. These are Indian farmers, whose voices are often not heard due to their gender, and who are struggling to establish their identity at the grassroots level due to patriarchal traditions.

To empower smallholder farmers on production, value addition and processing of the traditional foods and other agricultural products. The project will further train farmers on market information gathering, interpretation and product promotion at local and international markets. Farmers will be supported to establish processing and packaging units of the products

These voices must be heard at both the policy and implementation levels if we are to realize the dream of a progressive India. Farmers in India do most of the big farm work, from planting to harvest, but their access to resources is less than others.