Oldage People Care

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kuncham foundation

KUNCHAM Foundation has analyzed many young people in India who are wandering around different cities, either within India or abroad, to continue their studies or for their careers, leaving their old parents at home. We have several families in which all the children have left their old parents at home. It is increasing day by day.

We managed to spread the love and happiness that we need so much to the elderly despite their age. We offer psychological programs and workshops so that the sick and disabled understand their feelings. Motivate and inspire them to understand the hearts of being happy and further increase the happiness of their lives, which helps us to serve them better.

We believe that having someone to care for your parents is not easy for you. You are thinking that your parents are getting older and that they need someone by their side to handle everyday tasks. You wish someone would take your parents' needs personally. We all have a unique need, and we accept it. We are there for your parents to have an informal conversation or to help in a crisis; We do everything a family member could do for them as a home care unit for the elderly.