Natural Disaster Relief Funds

Natural Disaster Relief Funds

kuncham foundation

KUNCHAM Foundation would like to help the people who are suffering from disasters caused by nature like floods, tsunami, earthquakes and so many Viral Diseases.

A natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples are floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, and other geologic processes.

A natural disaster can cause loss of life or damage property, and typically leaves some economic damage in its wake, the severity of which depends on the affected population's resilience (ability to recover) and also on the infrastructure available

Natural disasters are out of human control but the consequences of natural disasters overlap with the consequences of war or combat. In both contexts, there is human suffering caused by damage to life, personal property, and infrastructure. Families are displaced and victims lose shelter.

This is complicated further by immense shortages of food and drinking water. Several medical and psychological problems among the victims are major offshoots of natural disasters.